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The continuous improvement of social living standards has promoted the coating industry to move towards the direction of "environmental health and high-grade". People not only value the quality of coating products, but also have greater pursuit of the artistry, environmental protection, and decoration of the coating effect.    For many years, Huilong Coatings has been adhering to the concept of environmental protection first and quality first, and constantly insisting on independent innovation, launching higher quality products and a richer product line to meet the different needs of various stages of the market. Huilong "Dancing with Wood" series of high-end furniture paints highly restore the beauty of wood: clear wood grain, bright and transparent color, soft light feel and delicate touch, low residual odor of the coating film, excellent physical and chemical properties, and return wood to high-end values.
Recommended Process

1. PU primer + PU finish

2. PU primer + water-based topcoat